The 7 most common MOT fails


Whilst owning your own car comes with an extensive amount of advantages, it also comes with less satisfying elements. One being, the dreaded MoT test.

If your car is properly maintained and in good condition, an MoT test shouldn’t be a problem. However, it only takes a busy period at work or lack of preparation to see your car fail on one of its most important tests.

Below we’ve outlined the 7 most common failures during MoT tests, so you can drive to your next appointment prepared.

1. Lights

During an MoT test the condition, security and colour of your vehicles lights will be checked. Before driving to your local garage, check all lights (including your indicators) are working – and replace any bulbs if necessary.

2. Tyres

Your tread depth is important. Look out for uneven tyre wear, steering wheel vibrations, vehicle drifting to one side or tyre screeching. Make sure to check your tyre pressure and top up if required.

3. Steering
How responsive is your steering wheel? If it’s difficult to turn, pulls to one side or makes screeching noises when turning, it will most likely fail the MoT.

4. Suspension
Suspension failures can be hidden well and therefore its easy to miss a leaky shock absorber or a snapped spring. Listen out for any unusual ‘clunks’ whilst driving, or try the bounce test; apply all your weight to the front of the car, bounce it and release – does it settle quickly?

5. Brakes
Arguably the most important factor when it comes to driving. Listen out for squealing or grinding noises when breaking. Any irregular movements, warning lights and increased stopping distance may also cause your car to fail.

6. Windscreen
Even the smallest of chips could cause an MoT fail. If anything is obstructing the drivers line of vision, or the windscreen wash isn’t working, you may be booking in for a retest.

7. Exhaust
Listen out for unusual engine noises, rattling from the exhaust area or abnormal smoke. Inspect for any small holes or loose joints as well as pools of fluid underneath your car.

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