Ready for the coldest winter for 60 years?

According to the long range weather forecast, this winter could be one of the coldest on record with Arctic blasts bringing heavy snow to most parts of the UK over Christmas and the New Year. With many of us using the car to visit relatives over the holiday period is now a good time to invest in winter tyres?

Cold weather tyres contain more natural rubber, making them more flexible and are designed to improve traction not just on snow and ice but in slush and heavy rain or when the temperature drops below 7c.

So is it worth the expense?

There is no doubt, driving with the right tyres will help grip the road better and reduce your stress level – unless you have nerves of steel like the bus driver seen here: but they do cost money.

Graham’s Tyres has many years’ experience in supplying winter tyres and can offer advice on whether to keep your summer tyres and alternate them with a set of winter tyres, effectively doubling their usage, or fit winter tyres all year round.

In the big freeze of 2010 over 30” (76cm) of snow fell on the outskirts of Sheffield and nationally more than three milion motorists had an accident with many more reporting a near miss. Before winter really sets in, why not call in to one of our branches and ask them for a free winter safety check. It could save you more than just increased insurance premiums.