Looking after your car properly – 10 ways to give your car some much needed TLC


Some motorists love their cars enough to give it a name, however for some car owners, this is as far as they go when it comes to looking after their beloved vehicle. If you rely on your car heavily, whether to get you to work or get the kids to school – it’s only fair to look after it the best way you can.


Check your Tyres
Your car wouldn’t more without them (granted your car wouldn’t move without many parts). Maintaining the right tyre pressure is a simple check you can do at home. If your tyres are underinflated, it can cause heat to build up quicker inside them, and as a result cause tyre blow outs.

The right tyre pressure for your car should be in your cars manual (or a Google search away). Once you’ve checked and adjusted accordingly, make sure you’re checking them at least once a week – especially if you’re a frequent car user.

Whilst you’re adjusting the tyre pressure, be sure to check the rest of your tyres for damage or wear and tear. Do you kerb your car often? Look out for bulges in the side walls. Can’t remember when the last time you had new tyres was? Check for baldness.


We know it’s not your favourite day of the year, but it’s always important to know when your MoT is due. The stress of any unexpected failures may come with a softer blow if you were prepared for your MoT. Plus you can get in some serious trouble for not having a car MoT.

The Compelte Guide to your MOT test


Washer Bottle
If you don’t know much about mechanics, lifting the bonnet of your car can be daunting. Where’s the lever again? It’s important however, to make sure your washer bottle has the right amount of fluid. So pop the lid (Find the lever with the owner’s manual – or Google) and check. During the colder months you should also add some screen wash to stop water from freezing in the tank.

Modern cars may have a warning light when fluid level is low, but a lot don’t. So check regularly.


Know your Fuel
It sounds silly, and it’ll never happen to you – but it’s a common mistake people make. Petrol cars don’t like Diesel fuel and vice versa. Motoring organisations say that someone puts the wrong type of fuel in their car every three to four minutes in the UK. Whether they’re driving a new car, their partners car or just simply drawn a blank – it happens.

Plenty of vehicles now have a sicker on the inside of their fuel filler cap door, or you don’t pay attention to the filler cap, stick a note somewhere on your car that will remind you to fill up with the correct fuel. You could also colour code to the right pump handle. (Colours may vary depending on petrol station)


Light Covers
Most modern cars lights and lenses are protected by a shatterproof plastic cover. However with regular car use, they can quickly and easily become obscured by road dirt and affect the performance of your lights. Take a damp cloth and clean all the dirt away.


Clean your Car
Whether it’s the Winter and the risk of rain or Summer and the risk of bird poo, there’s always an excuse not to wash your car. Giving your car a good clean with warm water and a proper car shampoo will not only keep it looking good – but will also show any dents, scratches and blemishes.


Deal with the Dents and Scratches
Plenty of garages specialise in small body work repair and will fix any dents and scratches without the need to send your car to a specialist shop.


Once you’re done concentrating on the outside of your car, it’s time to clean the inside – it is what you see the most after all. Keeping the inside of your car isn’t only pleasurable for you and your passengers, it’s also a big help when it comes to selling your car.


Check your engine oil
You may remember having to show where the dipstick is during your driving test, and how to check the oil with it. It isn’t just something to get you through a test, it’s important to check your engine oil level regularly and fill up when needed.


Windscreen Check
You look out of it every time you drive, however you may not check it closely regularly for any stone chip damage. With car vibration from driving, a small chip can easily become a more dangerous crack. This could make your car illegal to drive, and could lead to your screen shattering. So if you see a chip, get it fixed, quick!