8 things you didn’t know were illegal to do whilst driving


As we learn to drive we have to learn a number of rules and regulations in order to get our pink license. Aside from the obvious speeding and texting, there and legislations put in place that you shouldn’t be doing behind the wheel – and you may not know about them.


Prescription Drugs and Driving
We hear every day how drugs and alcohol whilst driving is not illegal but highly dangerous to both you and other road users. In March 2015, new road-side drug screening devices were introduced, along with new driving limits for a string of prescription drugs.

Over the counter drugs, including codeine, could see you banned from driving – due to many potentially causing problems including drowsiness.


Single Yellow Line
We know double yellow lines are the lines we should avoid and we’re taught not to park on single yellow lines either. Single yellow lines are fine for dropping people off or picking them up – however the driver should not get out of the vehicle at any time.


Breaking Down with a Pet
If you break down on a motorway, we’re taught to exit the vehicle and wait in a safe place for recovery. However if you’re travelling with a fluffy companion, according to the law they should stay put in the car.


No the government has not made eating illegal, we’re not quite in the Hunger Games yet. However, eating a snack behind the wheel could cause you to be driving without due care and attention – and may get you into trouble.

It’s time to start eating breakfast before we leave for work, and not on the journey.


Clean your Number Plate
You registration plate must be visible at all times when your car is on the road. If you’ve been driving on a muddy road and the mud covers your number plate, then you’re breaking the law.


Since October 2015 it has been illegal to smoke in your car if any passenger is under the age of 18. As the driver, you are responsible for your passengers – so if they’re smoking and there’s a child in the vehicle, you’re breaking the law.


Angry Beeping
The horn should be used to warn other drivers of your presence – particularly when driving over bridges or around corners where visibility from other directions is limited. However, if you begin to take your road rage out on your horn – it could get you into some trouble.

You also can’t sound your horn between 11:30pm and 7am unless in an emergency situation.