5 questions to ask your mechanic

One of the worst things about talking to a mechanic is not having a clue what saying. If you find yourself more and more confused after every garage visit, we’ve put together a list of questions to ask next time you find yourself in one of our depots.


Do you offer any type of Guarantee?

Before agreeing to anything, find out if your repair job comes with a warranty or guarantee and for how long the coverage will last.


Can you show me the problem?

Mechanics aren’t here to rip you off, they want to make sure you’re driving away in a vehicle that’s both safe for you and other road users. If they point out a problem, asking to see is a simple request that mechanics would be happy to show you. Having a visual aid should also help you to better understand the problem.


What happens if I don’t fix it? / Can you prioritise the repairs?

We know how annoying it is leaving your car at a garage and returning to find a list of repairs that need doing. After asking to see the problem and having the visual aid, knowing what to prioritise and what repairs are safe to be done later shouldn’t be a problem.


How did you repair it?

Whilst you may not understand everything the mechanic is telling you, having some sort of understanding both helps you to build a relationship with your mechanic as well as coming in useful for any future repairs.


Can I have a written quotation?

Any garage would be happy to give you a list of repairs they have identified with quotes. Protecting you from hidden fees and also giving you an overall idea of the complete repair amount. It will also be useful to ask for a copy of your receipt if work has already been carried out, making sure it includes the repairs carried out and not just the price paid.


Our Graham’s Tyres mechanics are happy to answer any questions you have regarding your car and any repair work that needs doing. If your car is ready for its annual MOT or service, or it’s not running how it used to get in touch.